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Dental Care

Regular teeth cleanings are the most basic part of pet dental care. The ultrasonic teeth cleaning procedure does not require an overnight stay, but it often involves the use of anesthesia. It is highly recommended to have blood work done before any anesthetic procedure. This service may help to detect metabolic abnormalities that could lead to a problem during anesthesia. For pets 5 years and older, pre-anesthetic blood work is mandatory.

We also encourage you to brush your pet’s teeth at home every day. Home cleanings are another key part of good pet dental health. Pets that are used to getting mild brushings of their teeth from the time they are young grow up being used to it. Older pets who are not used to this may have to be coaxed slowly into accepting brushings, usually through the use of short sessions at first that gradually increase in length, plus treats and lots of petting and praising.

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