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Wellness Care

Once a year, you should bring your pet in for a check-up. Annual check-ups include a thorough nose-to-tail physical exam, appropriate vaccinations, and routine diagnostics to screen for heartworm, tick borne illnesses and intestinal parasites. Based on the age, lifestyle, and breed of your pet, our veterinarians can advise on the most effective diets, vaccinations, vitamins, minerals and other supplements that can help ensure the healthiest and lengthiest lifespan.

Annual exams are important because they allow the veterinarian to evaluate your pet‘s overall health and become aware of any problems before they become serious illnesses. One year in a human‘s life is roughly 5 to 7 years in a dog or cat‘s. Since our pets age quicker than us, many aspects of their health can change in a short amount of time, so make sure your pet does not miss even one exam!

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